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Educational offer plan


It is a project designed for your little one, but also is a little project for you.

The formation of your child as a unique and unrepeatable person is our first desire.

But it is also supporting you, as a parent, in this new path.

The educational project of the nursery play school section is based on respect for the characteristics of children and their natural learning abilities, in continuity with the work you do with them, every day.

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The Calendar

English Course

English Course( basic level)
prescribing, pre-calculation


creatively art and Project season


In-Game Music
Montessori exercises

Functional psychomotricity

Development of prerequisites / Play yoga and functional psychomotricity

English Course

English Course
pregraphism and precalculation

*Every day project "Songs and nursery rhymes "


The annual projects

  • "Fruit and vegetables in schools"
  • "School milk"
  • "A multicultural school"
  • "Alimentation"
  • "I am a citizen of the world "
  • "An ecological school "- The world I want


From this year our Nursery  becomes Bilingual Experimental and will continue to apply the educational principles and the Montessori method, aiming at the active development of each child's personality and his well-being.

As Maria Montessori guessed, illustrating with the concept of "absorbent mind", in which the child absorbs everything around him with extreme speed and simplicity, in the same way the child is predisposed to language learning from childhood.

From this year the conversation by the teacher will be in Italian, but activities will also be presented in English, so as to allow children to develop their skills in both language.

Welcome Project

  • Facilitate the gradual detachment from parental figures; Help explore, learn and subsequently recognize school as a safe environment;
  • Encourage the Child to integrate the group, helping to overcome moments of despair and isolation;
  • Develop positive relationships with classmates and school-based adults;
  • Start listening to short songs, rhythms;
  • begin sharing with their peers in game moments, spaces and group activities with the help of educators.

"Color" project

Expressed in Italian and English

  • Facilitate recognition of primary colors by using objects of the same color in everyday living spaces and their family members;
  • Focus the child's attention on elements of a particular color;
  • Help the child recognize colors by accumulating objects, albeit different, but of the same color;
  • Deliver artistic, creative, manipulative and sound-focused activities on color.

"Kindness" project

Expressed in Italian and English

  • Verbalize short stories about kindness;
  • Explain, through dramatization, the value of kindness and altruism;
  • The realization of the fairy of kindness as a symbol of the kind words (thank you, please, etc.);
  • Use and store gentle words to improve relationships with others;
  • Group implementation of the kindness billboard;
  • Dramatization of manners.

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