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scuola primaria

Educational offer plan

Ursuline Bilingual Primary School

The school tends towards high-level training in a foreign language.

Learning English in a natural way, like Italian, is the goal of the Bilingual Primary School.

The school path sees English, more than a foreign language, as a basic skill useful for interacting with other cultures and breaking down borders. For this reason, during the 5 years of study, students will have the opportunity to take exams to ascertain mastery of the language, based on international standards, corresponding to the different Cambridge English Certificate levels.

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Our section is Bilingual

Children who learn a second language have more imagination, work better with abstract concepts, and are more flexible in thinking. They are more sensitive to speech and have a better ear for listening. Learning a second language helps the child to understand his mother tongue better, opens doors to other cultures and helps the child to understand and accept people of different cultures and ethnicities. A second language helps the child to feel more connected to his own cultural identity and to relate better to himself and to others.

scuola primaria

Our strengths

  1. Extended time until 4pm
  2. Tasks managed within the school timetable
  3. Enhanced teaching of the English language
  4. Mother tongue teachers
  5. Outdoor lessons
  6. Cambridge exam preparation

ARGO Portal

In order to constantly implement our services, we have decided to take advantage of Argo Didup. This will permit a better management of school\family relationship and parents will be updated on all didactic activities and on their childrens’ learning experience.

Parents can easily access by any device, such as tablet or smartphone, to any information regarding their children for instance: homework assignments, attendance, daily grading, partial and final assessments, messages on the bulletin board and so on. 

This is an innovation which is usually obsolete in private schools but we have decided to adopt this platform to allow families to communicate with us and have our school always up-to-date with public schools.


The annual projects

  • "Fruit and vegetables in schools"
  • "School milk"
  • "A multicultural school"
  • "Alimentation"
  • "I am a citizen of the world "
  • "An ecological school "- The world I want

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